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Market FAQ

1. Why Shop at the Parksville Museum Farmers Market?

  • The Parksville Museum Farmers' Market is different from other markets. It's a pioneer venue that offers natural and organic foods at great prices. The Museum Market provides a low-pressure, easy to shop, highly affordable and history infused stepping stone to better eating. Our open-air museum offers a quaint idyllic location destination for history buffs to view the free museum night and heritage buildings that offer a unique shopping experience for you to explore this great mix of everyday staples, specialty items, and natural foods. So come on down and bring a date or a friend to immerse yourself in local history, grabbing something to eat and fill your fridge without emptying your wallet.

2. Is everything you carry natural or organic?

  • We strive to have an exclusive quality product available. We offer lots of choices and leave the selections up to you. We sell plenty of fresh produce, including organic varieties.

3. Do you carry more than produce?

  • Yes! We strive to have 70% food vendors & 30%, artisans vendors

4. Where is the Parksville Museum Farmers Market located?

  • Outside on the grounds of the Parksville Museum at 1245 East Island Highway, Parksville BC, next to the Parksville & District Chamber of Commerce.

5. What events do you offer during the market?

  • There is a variety. We offer the Urban Farm School each market with a different class in regards to basic organic classes, registration is offered here 
  • The Crafter in Residence program: Live pottery demonstrations from Larry Aguilar and live Blacksmithing from Dave Kasprick from Red Cod Forge.
  • As well as many more market events, come on down and check them out, or check out our calendar of events!

6. Is there a coupon program available?

  • Yes! We are part of the BC Farmers Market Association and are registered with their BCAFM Nutrition Coupon Program. How can you get involved? Go to your local branch and you can bring your coupon booklet to the market and purchase at participating vendors.
  • Food Literacy Programs: Society of Organized Services and Island Health
  • Our 2017 list of participating vendors:

7. What does "Local" mean to Parksville Museum Farmers Market?

  • "Local Food" commonly refers to food produced near the consumer. At Parksville Museum Farmers' Market, we describe "local" as "make it, bake it, grow it within British Columbia"

    Our goal is always to offer great value and strike the right balance between quality, flavor, and price.

8. How do I submit a compliment or other feedback about my experience at the Parksville Museum Farmers Market?

  • We welcome your feedback, and we take all customer input seriously. Please contact us and select the "comment" option.

9. How do I apply for a posted position at the Parksville Museum Farmers Market?

  • Please see volunteer posting and apply here.

10. Who do I contact if I want to give a donation or sponsorship for the Parksville Museum Farmers Market?

  • The Parksville Museum Farmers Market thanks you for your support in your donation or sponsorship. Learn more about our branding and policies, and complete our Donation Application, located here

11. What if I have a have a question not answered here?

  • We'd love to help. Please complete our contact form. We aim to reply to inquiries as quickly and as helpfully as possible. We cannot reply to all comments, but we greatly appreciate your input as we seek to improve the Parksville Museum Farmers' Market Experience.

12. Still need to reach us?

  • We're always happy to hear from you. Please complete the fields below, and please specify your location. The fastest way for us to get back in touch with you is by email and we do our best to respond within 48hours.

    Please provide your: name, email, phone number, reason,
    Topic: customer service, website feedback, policies and procedures, volunteer applicant, venue rental, new product request (vendor), new product request (customer), donations sponsorships, other

    The office: 250.248.6966

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