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Interested in selling at our Market?


Market Experience

  • TASTE real flavors: Fruits & vegetables you buy at the farmers' markets are the freshest available
  • HEAR the Blacksmith hammering away in the blacksmith shop
  • FEEL the texture of artisan creations
  • SMELL the fresh air mixed with the soft aromas of quality food trucks & booths
  • SEE the unique setting surrounded by local history, heritage buildings and the community

This is juried, and should you apply you'll need to qualify. We start with the motto
"make it, bake it or grow it."

Then we look at exceptions... but our guiding principle is the ratio of 70% Food to 30% other vendors, though we'd be happy to raise the food portion.

Applications from Vendors are now being accepted.

To apply for the 2017 season, you will find all the information required through here!

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