Top Ten Royalty-Free Stock Photo Websites

There are many free stock photo websites and royalty-free stock photos available online. These websites offer a large range of superior quality images that are useful in all types of online design. Huge collections of stock free photos are available for users to browse at any time.

Copyright infringement can be a huge issue for anyone who publishes online including webmasters and designers as well as entrepreneurs. Royalty-free stock photos allow anyone commercial use of the images to distribute as they please. They can be used for blogging, on social media, for sales and splash pages or as part of an e-commerce platform.

Stock images can be incredibly expensive for casual designers whereas free stock images can save a huge amount of money when working on a project. This allows funds to be directed to another aspect of the design or for advertising purposes.

Dive into the sites below and find what you’re looking for, regardless if that’s free tambourine images, marina backgrounds, or free technology images.

1. Picspree

Picspree is a website that offers a huge range of free images browsable by category. Just some of the categories included are nature and landscapes, wildlife, food and beverages, travel and more.

With options for both royalty-free images and premium stock, there are countless choices for designers. Users can browse at their leisure or perform a quick search to find the exact image they need for their project.

Picspress licenses are for both commercial and personal use on their collection of stock free images, illustrations, and vectors.

2. Shopify Burst

Shopify Burst is a stock photo site aimed at e-commerce merchants and is one of the best sources of free photos for commercial use.

The design of the site allows users to find the perfect image quickly and with ease.

There is also a helpful business ideas section that is perfect for searching through categories that best match e-commerce websites.

3. Unsplash

Unsplash is a popular choice with bloggers, webmasters, and merchants that offers a huge selection of images with new photos added weekly.

With a reputation for high-quality stock images, Unsplash is a great choice for all designers who want stunning photos to enhance their work.

4. Gratisography

Gratisography was founded by Ryan McGuire, an artist and designer who saw the need for unique quality images for designers and online artists.

With an impressive range of unique photos, Gratisography is a great choice for anyone who wants a high-resolution quirky or unusual image that will really stand out in their project.


Stocksnap offers a wide range of beautiful free stock images that are ideal for all kinds of content creators and designers. Their large collection provides many choices for all kinds of web projects.

Entrepreneurs who work in the apparel industry, design or sales will find Stocksnap especially useful in attracting buyers and increasing sales.

6. Pexels

The Pexels platform is simple and straightforward to use with an advanced search option and many categories to choose from making navigating to your preferred image very easy.

If you are looking for inspiration for a project then Pexels can be very useful as they provide recommendations by their top photographers as well as a trending image section that shows the most popular images over the previous month. With many high quality, unique images available, users can find their ideal images to download in minutes.

7. Pixabay

Pixabay is one of the more well known royalty-free stock photo websites online. With high-quality images available for both personal and professional use, webmasters will have no trouble choosing the right images for their websites.

Unlike other stock image sites, Pixabay does not require you to be registered to download images and with quick search options and filters, you can find images in record time.

8. Freepik

Freepik has an extensive range of images available as well as vectors and illustrations. This site does require that you provide attribution for the photographer but the license does cover commercial projects as well as personal. As long as attribution isn’t an issue, designers and webmasters can find a great selection of images divided by subcategories for easy navigation.

9. Reshot

Reshot is a unique stock photo site that highlights images from new and upcoming photographers. Trained staff curate the collection of photos making choosing the perfect image a breeze.
The site provides handpicked photo collections with the aim of boosting their photographer’s profiles by encouraging users to tweet the collections before downloading. Their license is short and sweet, the images are free to use for any purpose without permission or attribution.

10. StyledStock

With an emphasis on feminine stock photos, StyledStock is ideal for female publishers and bloggers or anyone with a female-oriented website. Their categories cover lifestyle, fashion, florals and more to add that feminine touch to your design.

The vast collection available is easily browsable by both category and by color with photo bundles available for download. Styledstock is perfect for fashion, food and beauty blogs.

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