Kitchen Design Ideas From Combination OF The Old With The New

An old friend of mine moved into a gorgeous, late 19th century, Victorian style home a bit more than 12 months ago. In a recent party she held in the home a number of the guests remarked about the quaint traditional design of the kitchen and how comfy and friendly it appeared. At this time my friend announced that she and her four kids all hated the kitchen area and would like to renovate and update it were completely daunted by the job and so had not attempted it. <!–More–>

Her main fear was that the perceived high cost of renovating an older home because she’d heard many home improvement horror stories – Individuals spending tens of thousands of dollars on what started out to be rather modest renovations, just to locate quite a few non-budgeted repairs and maintenance were also needed, therefore significantly blowing out the estimated costs. My buddy did not relish the concept of finding herself in a similar situation so the notion of undertaking renovation and restoration work was shelved. Among the guests at the party was a builder and another a professional interior decorator and they explained that while recovery work (restoring the building to’as new’ condition very similar to when the building was initially constructed) was rather extensive and time consuming, however, a renovation (modernization) project was comparatively affordable. If you want to learn more about kitchen remodels phoenix, you may visit Affinity Kitchens.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas – With The Stress Factor

Most homeowners, my friend included, have the understanding that old homes are especially tricky to renovate purely because of their age, but this isn’t entirely correct. The truth is whether the home is old or very new, a kitchen renovation almost always turns out be quite economical and the habitants will see a marked improvement in the region. Renovation ideas for older homes can be planned so that new things and appliances can be incorporated together with the kitchen’s older attributes, such as your new stainless steel fridge wouldn’t seem to be out of place being in exactly the exact same kitchen as an old fashioned stove.

The real key to affordable and effective ideas is at the preparation stage and this applies to any sort of home, whether old or new.

First on the list of sound kitchen renovation ideas would be to satisfactorily cost your planned renovations. This is the most essential aspect as you ought not attempt any significant renovation project if you don’t have enough funds available or you can enlist the support of your lender or mortgage provider. Notwithstanding the fact that you need considerable financing, take heart in knowing that you could reduce costs in some regions without sacrificing the overall quality of the renovation. It’s important that you allocate sufficient funds for the crucial facets of the renovation, namely the design part, labour costs and appliances and fittings.

If you propose to undertake extensive structural or structural changes then bear in mind that this sort of work is extremely costly. When structural changes are a part of your renovation project then it’s very important that you hire a builder that will work within your budget. Always ensure before you begin the job that any structural alterations, like the addition or elimination of a room divider or the installation of a seat-window or skylight, have been adequately costed into the total project.

When you’re reviewing your thoughts always build in an allowance for unexpected contingencies such as repairs being necessary to plumbing, heating and electrical equipment. There’s nothing worse than having an aesthetically pleasing kitchen that’s great to look at but in fact is a fire-hazard or energy-monster due to the old and inefficient equipment. In old houses it’s highly likely you’ll want to spend money updating this sort of equipment.

As soon as you’ve addressed the structural and services (heating, lighting, plumbing etc) aspects of this kitchen renovation you can then turn your attention to other aspects like picking counter tops, cabinets and floor coverings. This is a excellent area in which to control prices since it’s possible to use many alternative materials, which are equally durable and striking as such as granite or marble, however they cost a fraction of the purchase price of the actual material. Additionally it is recommended that you think about purchasing stock cabinets instead of custom-fitted ones as this also will save you a lot of money.

If you’re like my friend and have an older style home and aren’t sure if you can manage to employ your kitchen renovation ideas why not consult with a friendly builder and get an idea of what restoration work is necessary in addition to the price of fixtures and appliances, you could be pleasantly surprised.

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