Where Can I Find the Best Whistleblower Lawyer?

The internet is an excellent source when it comes to finding the perfect whistleblower lawyer for you. However, be warned that some websites exaggerate the expertise and the success of law firms in representing whistleblowers. Websites that appear to have been created by lawyers but are actually referral businesses are also geared towards whistleblowers.

Choosing a Lawyer for Whistleblowers

What are the best ways to choose the best whistleblower lawyer? If you’ve discovered wrongdoing and decided to take the right step by reporting it to the authorities, this is one of the most important questions to consider asking yourself. Whistleblowers are courageous individuals who risk their livelihoods and lives at risk to expose corruption, fraud, and greed. They face a variety of challenges and are time-consuming.

This is a list of things to consider before hiring a whistleblower attorney Atlanta, regardless of whether the hire is for a qui tam or whistleblower lawsuits before the SEC or CFTC.

Success with Whistleblower

Find out if the lawyer has the expertise and results in the particular whistleblower lawsuit you’re involved in (such as “qui tam” lawsuits or SEC whistleblower claims). On the websites of some legal firms, they state that they have won large cases, but they omit to mention that these cases are not whistleblower related. Ask for concrete examples of the firm’s success.

The Lawyer’s Areas of Expertise

Legal firms and lawyers have websites that make it look like they represent whistleblowers. However, their expertise is elsewhere. Additionally, whistleblower regulations like the False Claims Act or Dodd-Frank are complex and may cause your case to be ruled unfavorable.

Lists of Whistleblower and Cases

Are you sure that the whistleblower cases mentioned on the law firm’s website were indeed filed and prosecuted by the firm? For example, some companies provide examples of whistleblower cases as if they were their own, however, they’re not.

Is it a law firm or a referral service?

Websites developed by referral firms appear to be legal firms. They collect cases and then sell them to law firms that are prepared to pay a cost. Make sure you’re selecting someone who will truly work on your qui tam lawsuit. On the website, look for the contact and name of the lawyers. If no specific lawyers are listed, it’s likely a referral service rather than a legal practice. Another sign of caution is the absence of a specific address. This is also a sign that it’s just a referral program if there’s only a mailbox address or no address provided.


Whistleblowers may be represented by lawyers from around the country. A lawyer should be willing to pay for your travel expenses to meet with you if they’re interested in your case.

Experience Working with the U.S. DOJ, SEC, CFTC, and IRS.

If the government is involved in the court, winning action for whistleblowers in qui tam is significantly increased. This is because the government’s involvement in whistleblower allegations filed with the SEC, CFTC, and IRS should be completely up to the relevant agency. Learn more about the legal company’s previous efforts to convince the government to investigate and join other whistleblower cases, as well as the outcomes. Learn more about SEC enforcement here.

Anyone who selects Finch McCranie LLP receives the advantages of their whole whistleblower team’s combined decades of expertise and judgment as well as years of service in the DOJ’s senior leadership. This is why the SEC has a history of effectively representing whistleblowers and other clients in complex cases and establishing relationships with judges and officials. Click here to learn about enforcement and regulations.


Whistleblower cases may be expensive and long-winded. Legal firms must have additional attorneys available to assist if several lawyers are required simultaneously. Furthermore, a law firm should pay for numerous out-of-pocket costs, including the cost of enlisting experts for studies that support the whistleblower’s accusations and, in certain instances, the cost of litigation.

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