Oral Care: Why Do More and More People Want Dental Implants?

If you are missing teeth, there are many ways to get your smile back. Dentures, dental bridges, and partials can all be used to replace missing teeth, but only dental implants provide stability and long-term support needed for good oral health. As dental technology gets better, dental implants are becoming the best way to replace missing teeth because they are good for your oral health in the long run. Dental implants may be the high-tech treatment you need to restore your natural smile’s health, function, and appearance.

How do dental implants help?

Keep reading right here if you’re not sure if dental implants are right for you.

Prevent additional tooth loss.

It is important to know that your teeth are kept healthy by their roots and their teeth. If you lose a tooth, the teeth around it may shift and come loose. Getting a new tooth to replace a lost one is the best way to keep from losing more teeth. Dental implants are liked by many patients because they look and feel like real teeth.

Prevent tooth decay.

When you lose one tooth, the remaining teeth encircling it gets weaker. So, over time, the teeth may start to tilt toward the space or even come loose. When teeth move, the chance that they will get cavities goes up. When teeth are crooked, Edmonton braces may be also needed because bacteria and plaque that cause cavities have more places to hide.

Enhance nutrition.

After getting a tooth pulled, it may be hard to eat well. See your dentist about getting dental implant surgery if you’ve been eating soft foods to avoid pain when you bite. If you skip some meals, you might not give your body the nutrients. For example, if you don’t eat enough vitamins and nutrients, it’s hard for your body to keep the tissue in your jawbones strong.

Prevent jawbone deterioration.

Tooth roots need to be stimulated for a healthy jawbone. But when a tooth is lost, the pressure on the jawbone is also taken off. In “remineralization,” your body will start to take the nutrients from your jawbone and use them somewhere else.


We suggest that you speak to your dentist about tooth implant surgery to keep your jawbone from getting hurt. A dental implant will replace the missing tooth in your smile. Like a natural tooth root, it will stimulate your jawbone. This keeps the jawbone strong and protects the shape of your face over time. If you are in need of wisdom teeth removal, visit this website.

Enhance your speech.

Your speech can change if you are missing teeth or have dentures. Gaps in your teeth can make you lisp, and dentures can slip and slide. Implants will keep your dental restorations in place and let you speak normally, whether they are topped with a crown or used to hold implant-supported dentures.

Keep more of your natural teeth.

For dental bridges to work, healthy teeth have to be filed down to put crowns on the teeth next to them. Dental implants don’t hurt the teeth next to them. Your natural teeth can keep their healthy enamel while a missing tooth is filled in.

Feel secure about your smile.

Many people feel better about themselves after getting dental implants. When you’re missing teeth, you might try to hide your smile and stay away from new people. After getting dental implant treatment, your teeth will look normal. When you feel good about your smile again and can eat the foods you love, you might be amazed at how much you enjoy life.

In conclusion

Dental implants are good for more than just how they look. When you don’t have teeth, it can cause trouble. Over time, the extra stress that the missing tooth puts on the other teeth could cause damage or even pain in the jaw. Also, missing teeth, people have a hard time keeping up with good dental hygiene because the space left by the missing tooth lets bacteria and food particles stick to it. Getting a tooth replaced is an investment in your oral health.

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