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Informing the whole world you happen to be HIV positive cannot be simple. Specifically if you’re Charlie Sheen. For this reason it was not shocking to me that Sheen seemed acutely stressed during their interview one or two days in the past with Matt Lauer on



I seriously esteem Sheen’s immense courage ahead away and talk about HIV, his health and the way it is affecting his life because in so doing We guess he helped a lot of people living with the herpes virus. But, equally important, Sheen being released could protect against countless individuals from getting HIV. Just How? Because Sheen simply scared the crap of everyone, and possibly those who you shouldn’t exercise secure intercourse will start doing so. I can just wish.

Often I think people that are older and separated never think STDs affect their demographic and they also avoid using condoms. But, let me reveal my personal philosophy.

During a tremendously demanding amount of time in someone’s existence (which includes going through a divorce proceedings) he might carry out acts they mightn’t usually perform. I’m not talking for everybody, but the majority men and women I know (such as me) have inked foolish things they mightnot have normally accomplished when they just weren’t under the tension that comes with being freshly divided. It really is a very insane, unfortunate, depressing, terrifying time, making individuals prone to bad alternatives as a result of trying to soothe anxiety and numb pain. Poor choices include exorbitant ingesting, drugs, betting, one-night stands, intimate promiscuity and achieving intercourse with prostitutes.

Let’s say discover an extremely, truly nice, suburban divorced man over 40, a good father who was simply when a loyal household guy until his wife told him she desired a divorce. The man’s buddies simply take him to Vegas and then he features a one-night stand. He’s very inebriated and does not make use of a condom. He could realize it was a truly silly blunder rather than try it again, but do you know what? Per year later on, he starts perhaps not feeling well (like what Charlie Sheen mentioned happened to him), gets tried and realizes he’s got HIV. Maybe ever since then, he is today matchmaking a divorced, residential district woman and are in love, and exclusively matchmaking and asleep collectively without security. Now, the woman possess contracted HIV. Actually that a scary circumstance?

Therefore, i do believe the class we could study from Sheen is having non-safe sex, even with someone have a truly poor result, which explains why we anxiety making use of condoms and soon you understand you’re special, and until both folks have already been examined for HIV also sexually transmitted conditions.

The only thing that annoyed me about Sheen’s meeting was whenever Lauer requested him if it entire group of “successful!” interviews ended up being the consequence of their learning he was HIV good (which happened a few years ago). Sheen mentioned no, but Really don’t believe him. This was his chance to say, “Yes, I became actually smudged since when i then found out I’d HIV, we moved into a drug and alcohol rampage to attempt to soothe the surprise and pain as well as additional damaging feelings you really have.”

Sheen, that has been hitched and separated two times, i really believe, stated in the meeting which he ended up being no further carrying out medicines, but which he had been “still consuming a little.” I think, Sheen’s medicine and alcoholic drinks background are a worse problem than having HIV. And until he looks into the mirror and realizes he demands treatment, he is able to merely assist the globe such as far as being a spokesperson for HIV. (Not that i am saying that’s just what the guy would like to end up being.) But, Sheen features a real chance right here to-do some thing excellent for mankind, that will be distributed your message about HIV, speak about it, inform people and reduce the stigma with this awful virus. The guy can not do that if he’s sipping and undertaking drugs.

I do want to end this on an excellent note, by saying that what Sheen performed Tuesday morning was, actually significant and vital, and thus I admire him. I bet it was a giant relief on his part, and who knows? Maybe his developing will lead to the guts he should overcome alcohol and drugs. But to my personal readers, I’m hoping the guy helped you recognize the importance of safe intercourse and just how an individual slip-up can have dreadful impacts on your life. Don’t get me personally wrong. I’m a massive follower of sex and having fun — specially after you’ve gone through the misery of splitting up. Just be wise about this.


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