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A Lasting Legacy Project Supported by British Columbia and Canada 150

McMillan House Restoration Project

Year of Construction: 1885

Original Location: Errington, B.C.

Relocated to Parksville Museum: 

Restoration Work: 2017 to 2018

Primary Restoration Work: Replace Chinking with period specific, see pdf report below

McMillan House 2018 after all the restoration work has been completed

Secondary Restoration Work: Replace rot and infested wood

Sill Plate and Sill Log rot at back door

New Sill Plate and Sill Log with Temporary Chinking

Temporary Chink was required due to time of year the log was replace (freezing weather) and was done by facility manager to eliminate water entering the building. Proper daub and chink to be installed when weather permits.

Replacement in place, now it just needs to age 


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