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Craigs Auto Camp

James (Jim) Craig was one of the first settlers to realize the tourism potential of this area when he opened Craig's On The Sea Auto Camp. Jim had observed travelers camping by the beach and sleeping in their cars and inspiration struck: what if he built small cabins with a shelter for a car? He hoped that people would pay to have a more comfortable sleep, and he was right! The visitor ledgers show visitors coming from far and wide to stay in Craig's cabins and enjoy the serenity of our beaches. 

The camp operated from the 1930s to 1980s with two types of accommodations, the cabins and the cottages. The cottages are in the forefront with the lean-to on the side (white) and the cabins are located closer to the water. 

The Parksville Museum has one cabin located at the entrance near the visitors centre and a cottage located in the central area. The cottage is set up to reflect the times whereas the cabin is set up with displays reflecting Craig's family history.

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