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Host or attend an event at the Parksville Museum!

The Parksville Museum hosts a variety of community events, including markets, meetings, workshops, presentations, kids programs and more. From the functional setting of the Tryon Room of the Englishman River Building to the rustic charm of Knox Heritage Church, Parksville Museum offers a space perfect for your event. Featuring outdoor and indoor spaces, all with an idyllic pioneer village setting and beautiful landscaped gardens, we can host both small groups and larger groups onsite.

The Parksville Museum provides the Knox Heritage Church for wedding & memorials and the Tryon Room for meeting and general purpose use.

General Meeting Space

Tryon Room

  • Meetings or as a General Purpose Room
  • The Tryon Room has seating for 35 persons.
  • Wheelchair access through the Englishman River Building.
  • Tables, chairs, a projector and screen available upon request.
  • Access to the kitchen for an extra cost


$25 per 2 hours

$45 per 4 hours

$75 per 7 hours

Knox Heritage Church

Guests can enjoy the comfort of replica pews while the sunshine is filtered through the church's original stained glass windows. The site includes many memorable photo opportunities around the property to transport you to the past.

Your special wedding day will surely be memorable and talked about for years to come. 


  • Wooden pews seat 75
  • Heating for winter weddings
  • Stain glass windows
  • Discrete power outlets for sound system
  • Wheelchair access

The Courtyard

Outdoor opportunity amongst a unique setting surrounded by local history and historic buildings with gardens. 

  • Musical talents have graced this outdoor space 
  • The space is home to the Friday Nights Parksville Museum Farmers' Market that hosts an average of 800 people and 30+ vendors
  • Access to 6 wooden picnic table benches
  • Access to outdoor electricity outlets
  • Paved pathways that surround the sandy gravel courtyard
  • Access to public outdoor water fountain
  • Free Parking and overflow option
  • Access to Museum washrooms
  • Limited tables, chairs, a projector and screen available upon request


$120 per 2 hours

$140 per 4 hours

$170 per 7 hours

For rental fees, please contact us!

If you are interested in hosting an event and would like to have further information, please fill out our Venue Rental Agreement Form, email us at, or call us at (250) 248 6966.


Knox Heritage…
Knox Heritage…
Tryon Room
Tryon Room

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Fall/Winter Hours

The burr and windy season operational hours are now in effect.

Buildings open by appointment only and during special events and workshops. This may change in the near future to open one day a week and special events and workshops. Grounds are always open even if gate closed.

Please expect delays in responding to emails and phone messages.

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