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French Creek Post Office

The French Creek Post Office was established in 1888 on the property of the Bott brothers just north west of French Creek.

William (Bill) Lee was the first postmaster and in 1895 was replaced by his brother Harry Lee. Mail and supplies were off-loaded from a passing steamer, and Bill and Harry would row out to retrieve everything. Harry retained the postmaster position til 1903 when Mr. Pillar assumed the position.

The French Creek Post Office served a wide number of communities during its time and included Lasqueti Island, but closed in 1912. After this the residents would have to travel into town to use the Parksville Post Office.

The pictures below show the construction method used for interconnecting the logs. Moss would be packed between the logs to reduce drafts and the logs were charred to increase longevity.

French Creek Post Office at Parksville Museum 2018
French Creek Post Office

Christmas Lights

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