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Heritage Buildings and Exhibits

Knox Heritage Church

Built in downtown Parksville in 1911 and opened in 1912, this church was brought to the park in 1983. Note the original stained glass windows and the replica pews built in honour of the pioneers of this district. This church is still a favourite venue for weddings and memorial services.

Craig Cottage

Built by pioneer James Craig in the thirties, this was one of the several cottages rented to summer vacationers at Craig's On The Sea Auto Camp. The cottage now houses a new display of the Craig family history including many family artifacts. Among the collection is a mounted cougar in recognition of James Craig's prowess as a cougar hunter.

French Creek Post Office

Open from 1888 to 1912, this is quite a unique building as the logs were broad axe chopped to make the interior walls flat. The logs were dovetailed and moss was used between the logs as chinking. This building was donated by the Tryon family and moved from its original site on their farm at Columbia Beach.

Gaetjen House Display

Built at the turn of the century by the Gaetjen brothers who owned a large section of waterfront property on Parksville Bay. This section of the house indicates how the timbers were pre-cut to fit together using mortise and tenon joints. This building later became the #1 cottage of a tourist camp.

McMillan Log House

Built in 1885 in Errington, by Duncan McMillan, this log house is one of the few houses left standing from that era. The house is constructed of hand cut squared-off logs beautifully dove-tailed at the corners. The fireplace was reconstructed as close a s possible to the original using local stones. The McMillan House is a designated Heritage Trust building.

Craig's Crossing Post Office

This Post Office was opened in 1914, after the E&N Railway was built, and was in use until 1935. It was located on James Craig's property at Craig's Crossing. Pioneer James Craig, worked as the postmaster at this post office . The building was later used as the office at Craig's On The Sea Auto Camp.

Montrose School

Originally an E&N Railway surveyor's home/office at Craig's Crossing, this building became a school for the local children. The school was closed in 1920 and now depicts school life of the early 1900s including some of the original desks, the strap and t he school bell.

Blacksmith Shop

This is a recently built, non-replica cabin constructed to house our collection of blacksmith's tools and wares. As of summer 2016 the Blacksmith now features an expansion of the orginal build to host our Traditional Crafter in Residence Dave Kasprick from Red Cod Forge who performs traditional blacksmith techniques with traditional tools on the summer Friday Nights Farmers' Market with a working forge. NEW for summer 2017, an addition to our Blacksmith team is Dave Friesen from Island Blacksmith who will be featuring his unique skill with a traditional forge made for Japanese knife making, the only one in western Canada!

Volunteer Fire Hall

Opened in 1942 this building was built to combat the threat of fires caused by the launching of incendiary balloons from across the Pacific. The first fire truck was converted from a vegetable grocer's truck and was later replaced by the 1950's Ford Pumper #2 fire truck now on display. This truck, along with an original water pump, has been used in the annual Parksville parade.

Cowichan Band Racing Canoe

This 26 foot cedar dugout canoe was made from a single log. Originally it was used by the Chemainus tribe in the 1930's as a racing canoe. It was later used in parades by the local Shrine Club prior to becoming museum property.


This building houses a collection of logging and agricultural tools dating from the turn of the century onwards.

Englishman River Building

This museum building is home to a varied collection of artifacts including, fashionable clothing from the late 1800s, native artifacts, tools and historical household items. It also houses a large fossil collection, an extensive collection of photographs and local archival material including bound copies of the Parksville-Qualicum Progress from 1948-1980.

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