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Knox Heritage Church

The Knox Presbyterian congregation was formed in Parksville in 1909. Construction of the church started in 1911 on donated land and was completed in 1912 as the Knox Presbyterian Church. In 1925 the church was renamed the Knox United Church when some Methodist, Congregational and Presbyterian churches merged with the United Church of Canada. In 1978 the Island Highway property was sold and the congregation worshipped elsewhere while their new church was being built. The original church was slated for demolition but was moved to Craig's Heritage Park in 1983 and renamed Knox Heritage Church. This was the first historical building moved to Craig's Heritage Park now known as Parksville Museum.

The first ordained Minister was Rev. J.H Cameron from 1917 to 1919, another source has his name as William John Cameron. Previously the church was serviced by student ministers who traveled by bicycles from Wellington (source, Knox United Church website).

Mrs. Thirza Hughes was the first Sunday school teacher and the church organist. To be close to the church she bought property from Mrs. Parks and had a house built near the church.

Knox Church around 1920
Knox Presbyterian Church located on the Island highway (formerly Comox Road) 1920s
Knox Church Date questionable
Knox Church, note the chimney which has since been removed

Knox Church…

Christmas Lights

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