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McMillan House

Construction Circa 1885

Original Location: Errington

This log house was built by Duncan McMillan, a young Scottish farmer from Ontario who came out west lured by the promise of temperate weather and arable land. McMillan was the one of the first Europeans to claim a plot of land in Errington; land that had been preempted by the E&N Railway Company and taken from the local indigenous peoples.

McMillan started building the house in 1885 using cedar logs he felled on his property. Shortly after its construction this house became the home of Duncan and Anne McMillan and their young family.

McMillan House was moved to Parksville Museum in 1983 and allows us a glimpse into the life of a 19th century farmer on Vancouver Island. The chimney was reconstructed using some of the original stones.

In 2017-2018 a Canada 150 grant was used to replace the chinking between the logs with period specific formula consisting of hydrated lime, sand and horse hair. This formula will flex and allow moisture to escape which reduces rot. One base sill log was also replaced as with portions of the door jam. The Canada 150 grant will help keep this building around for another 132 years.

McMillan Log House on the move

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