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Our Vision


Considering the Museum's aspirations, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and current environment, what the Museum can be best at, passionate about, and financially driven by is using our collection and resources to engage with our community and visitors to our area. If we focus our efforts on becoming the best experience for residents and visitors alike we believe that we can successfully achieve the Museum's mission as envisioned in these concepts:

· Visitor Growth: The number of our actual and virtual visitors will increase.
· Diversity: Our on-site visitors will reflect the economic, social, and cultural diversity of our region.
· Community Relevance: We will be an integral member of our community and will be responsive to issues of community concern and importance, particularly as they relate to the history and the preservation of that history of our area.
· Museum Collection: As stewards of the past, we will achieve a consistently high level of holdings, focusing on quality, diversity and relevance.
· Professional Leadership: Other organizations will look to us as a model of operational effectiveness, integrity, responsibility to mission, and successful application of innovative solutions to solve real problems.
· Operational Excellence: Resources will meet organizational needs, be built to realize organizational aspirations, and be allocated to achieve the Museum's mission and vision.
· Financial Stability: Will be achieved when we partner with others who support our Mission. Financial stability is at the core of our future growth.

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