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Parksville Fire Department

Construction: 1943

Original Location: Downtown Parksville

The Parksville Volunteer Fire Department was established in 1942 in response to a threat of attacks from the west during World War II.

The pump was supplied by the government under the Air Raid Precaution program and a 1929 Graham delivery truck was purchased by the locals to tow this pump. The Fire Hall was built in 1943 totally by volunteers. Later #2 Fire Engine, a 1950 Ford was purchased as the previous equipment was very aged.

The building was moved to the park in 1988.

Currently #2 Fire Engine is on display within the Fire Hall along with numerous types of fire fighting equipment and logging equipment.

1929 Graham delivery truck pulling the pumpĀ 
#2 Fire Engine and Firehall

Fall/Winter Hours

The burr and windy season operational hours are now in effect.

Buildings open by appointment only and during special events and workshops. This may change in the near future to open one day a week and special events and workshops. Grounds are always open even if gate closed.

Please expect delays in responding to emails and phone messages.

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