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RDN Grant 2016-2017

Regional District of Nanaimo Northern Community Economic Development Grant

Digital Heritage Exhibition

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Purpose of the RDN grant

Using digital platforms to enhance the experience of the visitors and potential visitors to the history of the region. Provide a reason for the potential visitor to come and see the exhibits and buildings up close and personal instead just through the internet.

This will be accomplished by:

1)      Technological Infrastructure

a.       Upgrade the Museums computer system

b.      Add Wi-Fi for the guest so they can use it to view additional information on select exhibits and buildings

2)      Website Development

a.       Provide staff and volunteer resources to build web pages on specific buildings and exhibits. These web pages then can go into more detail about the history through both information and photos.

3)      Interactive Panels

a.       Design and manufacture panels for select buildings and exhibits that provide QR codes that link to the web pages designed above. See an example below.

Example of panel outside building

Fall/Winter Hours

The burr and windy season operational hours are now in effect.

Buildings open by appointment only and during special events and workshops. This may change in the near future to open one day a week and special events and workshops. Grounds are always open even if gate closed.

Please expect delays in responding to emails and phone messages.

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